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0 <br />FOR Annexation to <br />City -of 6doonds <br />AGAINST Annexation to <br />;I ty.-of t4ponds <br />OFFICIAL CMVA$$ <br />of e <br />SKCIAL IUCTIOM HILL <br />IN THE NORTH CHO ANNEXATIONARIA <br />Proposed to to Annex0d toCity of Edmonds <br />July 2, 1963 <br />6 <br />IMSIDS&A <br />Jensen <br />Slirra <br />Perrin, (part) <br />Talbot (part) <br />ROR. Assuaptlon of 3 <br />11 l. <br />anded 4ndebtadness <br />3 <br />AGAINST Assumption of <br />Bonded.I r idebpe <br />_01-0 3 <br />Procinct2 <br />Pit* Keeton' <br />Meado (Part) Me-plewood <br />Sunset <br />Absentee - <br />PAlIgts. TOTAL VOTE <br />93 <br />12 <br />673.5- <br />D�,� 0 <br />STATE OF WASH INGTON).' <br />SS <br />COUNTY OF Si (MOMI M1 <br />ThO undor9l Stied,!* being the. officers dailgiiated by law as coniti-tuting the <br />Snohomish County Canvosslpq;Baard 'hersby ,certify that the foregoltjq�- I *- a true. and <br />correct c ; anvass of theofficial ;'e, rfs of the al'91actlon hold' in''the'z ' 0 <br />No th End <br />Annexation Arts proposed, ;o!bo annoked, .;to the Clty of,ldmon.ds, County of`;Snehomlsh, <br />State" of Maihlnqton "66 July 2, ''1'961; and that * k pr6pos I t I i�, For Ahnq4t I on. to the <br />City of Ediinds rocet'vad �4 aaj;r1ty'-of the. total. --tatat vote <br />p I I 'on I I - 1 .4 1 4ro4t; and that the <br />cost on -the 5 ti O�r or A Inst Asswmgitic'n' of the bonded Indebtedness %tat. -equal <br />or= of thi'.'tota to or exceed d'. I -vote cost In said. North Ond. Annaxotlon,Aroa at the lest <br />preceding general State. but. that deems thin Eft of the vote cast was favotable <br />to the assuwptlon of the bonded Indeb $50 <br />WITNOSS our, han' s and seat'. -this 8 day of ' Yly, 1963. <br />g.. zam Krasta'. Choi rMpq 11006 of' County, cowl soonort <br />AFFIDAVIT: <br />The .total number of voters, %Ao voted at the 'last preceding State General <br />Election,, Nov4n6er6,.,I962,-4n the North End Annexation I Area was <br />. -, C <br />