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• It was moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Smets that Ordinance #1000 be passed, <br />establishing Aloha Street between 7th and 0 on the comprehensive plan. Motion carried. <br />A proposed Emergency Ordinance was presented to amend the budget to provide for payment of <br />$5,200. from the Water Dept. funds which had been agreed by the City to be paid as its share <br />under LID #107, but was not set up in this year's budget. It was moved by Councilman Tuson, <br />seconded by Councilman Slye that an `Emergency Ordinance be proposed amending the budget to <br />pay $5,200.00 from Water Dept. constructioh fund to LID #107, and the hearing be set for the <br />council meeting of July 161�. Motion carried. ° <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Slye that Ordinance #1001 <br />be passed, cash prepayment expiration notice on LID #115. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Simpson that Ordinance #1002 <br />be passed.,. cash prepayment expiration notice on LID #113. Motion carried. <br />It was moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Smets that the Street committee <br />recommends that the Planning Commission adopt the following for the comprehensive plan: <br />To establish a 40, R/W on Railroad Ave. north of the Ferry Dock, west of the tracks; <br />establish an 80' R/W on 76k Ave. from the county line to City of Lynnwood; establish an <br />80' R/W on Main Street and 5k S.E. to the city limits; and establish a 60' R/W on 0 Ave. <br />from Puget Drive to Edmonds Way. Motion carried. <br />It was also recommended by the Street Committee and moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by <br />Councilman Harrison that all future driveway entrances have concrete aprons in accordance <br />with city standards, with no more blacktopping, and that future LID's also call for installation <br />of these concrete aprons, eliminating blacktop. Motion carried.. <br />Councilman Christensen, for the Park Board,. reported that the comprehensive plan study <br />included the acquiring of certain beach properties for recreational purposes, north from <br />• <br />the ferry dock to Casper St., including tidelands ownedby several individuals.or corporations.. <br />Therefore, Councilman Christensen moved, seconded by Councilman Tuson that the Mayor, through <br />the City Council, take steps to acquire all of the beach property in addition to the Marvin <br />W. Smith tidelands from the Ferry Dock north to Casper Street. This will involve obtaining <br />appraisals of the property, and then on the basis of the appraisals, negotiate for the <br />purchase of these parcels within the #ppraised values; and if necessary thereafter take steps <br />to condemn the property for Park and Recreational purposes. These steps to be taken by the <br />Mayor working in collaboration with the Counoil on financial limitations. Simultaneously <br />with taking these steps, make application to the federal government to acquire financial <br />support, which can be as much as 30% of the purchase price, where for park and recreational <br />purposes. Further recommend to the Planning Commission they accept the planner's proposal <br />that this be zoned accordingly and included in the Park and Recreational Area and incorporated <br />in the plan. Motion carried. <br />Meeting was then adjourned. <br />t -� - <br />Cify Clerk 41 Ma or <br />July 16, 1963 <br />FA <br />Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor McGinness with all councilmen present. <br />Minutes of the last meeting had been mailed to each councilman, and a motion was made by <br />Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Sorensen that the minutes of the last meeting.held <br />on July 2 be approved. Motion carried. <br />• Bids were opened on a new fire truck. The bids were as follows: <br />The American Rubber Mfg. Co. (fire hose only) 3000 ft. @ $1.24 <br />1200 ft. @ $ .82 <br />The Givens Co. (Howe Fire Apparatus Co:), Mercer Island $229695.00 plus tax <br />Western States Fire Apparatus, Inc., Cornelius, Oregon $25,974.62 plus tax <br />Wesco Fire Apparatus Co., Portland $25,785.19 plus tax <br />American La France, Elmira, N. Y. Basic Bid $219445.00 plus tax <br />Alternate Bid $26,748.00 plus tax <br />Bids were referred to the Safety Committee, and as chairman, Councilman Sorensen made the motion, <br />seconded by Councilman Slye that action on the bids be deferred to next Tuesday, July 23 at <br />8:00 P.M., Civic Center. Motion carried. <br />Hearing was held on proposed Emergency Ordinance #1003 to provide $5200.00 from the Water <br />Construction Fund to LID #107 as the city's participation. There were no protests, and a <br />motion was then made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Simpson teat Emergency <br />Ordinance #1003 be passed. Motion carried. <br />A letter was read from,Thomas and Bernice Finney, 23121 Edmonds Way, in the area which voted <br />not to annex to Edmonds, asking for permission to hook onto the trunk sewer that runs along <br />Edmonds Way. This request was referred to the Water Committee for a report at the next <br />council meeting. <br />A letter from Mabel Blake Smith was received., asking special concessions on construction of <br />a street in her proposed plat (Edgar L. Blake Addition for the preservation of existing <br />trees and shrubs in mind; also requesting the street be named Edgar Blake Lane, street, or <br />road in memory of her father. This letter was referred to the Streat.Committee, and given <br />to John Moran for investigation. <br />• Two letters were received from John Moran, recommending to the council that the City accept <br />the plats and utilities of both Sunset Estates and Westgate Village for perpetual maintenance <br />