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142 <br />Engineer Moran reported on the sewer gas problem at 2nd and Elm. He stated that he had set <br />• <br />up a drip feed system between 41�1 and 51� on Elm, but that this did not seem to improve the <br />situation, and that this system should be moved farther upstream in the sewer line to give <br />the chemical more time to act. He believed the cause of odor may be due to the steep pitch <br />of the sewer line in that area, which results in a churning action in the line. Mountlake <br />Terrace is at present pouring a cup of chemical in the morning and one in the evening into <br />the line, but a steady drip is needed, and Engineer Moran felt that the drip feed system <br />C7 <br />should be used at the Lake Ballinger Lift Station. Mr. Lawson reported that a copy of the <br />petition from the residents in the affected area had been sent to Mr. Dean Hunter at <br />Mountlake Terrace, and there had been no response. Mr. Reid had recommended correcting the <br />problem at Mountlake Terrace, near the source. Councilman Smets wondered about the advisa- <br />bility of Edmonds City Council sending the Mountlake Terrace City Council a letter, but <br />Mayor McGinness felt this was not necessary at this point and asked Engineer Moran to follow <br />the problem closely. The City Attorney was instructed to review the contract with Mountlake <br />Terrace to see if they could be held responsible for this. <br />Supt. Moran stated that the traffic count at Third and Dayton is not yet completed, as it <br />takes time to cover an intersection with just one traffic counter. He asked the Street <br />Committee and the Council to consider the purchase of three more traffic counters, at a <br />cost of approximately $50.00 each. <br />It was moved by Councilman Simpson, seconded by Councilman Christensen that Resolution of <br />Intention #171 be passed, for proposed LID #123, paving of "B" Street and vicinity, and the <br />date for the preliminary assessment roll hea.i.,ing be set for November 5111. Motion carried. <br />A motion was made by Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Smets that Ordinance #1012 <br />be passed, annexing the shoulder of Highway #99, 15 ft. from the property lines along the <br />west side to provide for the sewering under LID #119. Motion carries. <br />Following discussion of the sidewalk improvement program, the City Attorney was instructed • <br />to draw up an ordinance to establish Sidewalk Fund #2, whereby property owners who were <br />delinquent in improving their sidewalks would have one year at 6% interest to repay the <br />City f or this work. <br />The proposed ordinance to limit .the height of buildings west of the railroad tracks to 30 ft., <br />which was tabled at the last meeting, was discussed at'some length, and it was moved by <br />Councilman Simpson, seconded by Councilman Harrison that the matter of height limitation <br />along the entire waterfront be referred to the Planning Commission for study and recommendation <br />back to the City Council. Motion carried. <br />Councilman Sorensen reported on the meeting with a representative from Clark, Coleman, <br />Rupeiks on the comprehensive street plan, and particularly the 80 ft. roadway proposed for <br />762h Ave. W. from 2441L to Highway #99. It was their recommendation that this street would <br />need an 80 ft. R/W with the anticipated traffic load. Mr. Einar Syvertson, of the SW <br />Snohomish County Planning Council, was present and stated that King County is planning <br />Meridian as an arterial, and they can see evidence Drom counts being taken that 76th will be <br />a very heavily travelled street; that within a couple of months they.will have further <br />#figures to present. However, Councilman Sorensen moved, seconded by Councilman Slye that <br />Ordinance #1013 be passed, adopting the comprehensive street plan, with the exclusion of <br />761h Ave. W., between Highway #99 and 244th, which section shall be held in abeyance for <br />further study and review in approximately two month's time. Motion carried. <br />Councilman Sorensen brought up the matter of establishing a load limit on 7614, and after <br />considerable discussion, it was decided to use the voluntary system by -he heavy trucking <br />companies avoiding using this street for through traffic, and Chief Grimstad will contact <br />the companies involved, and then give the area surveillance. <br />Councilman Christensen, Park Board Chairman, stated that they were pleased with the results <br />of the summer recreation activities, and a written report had been given to each council • <br />member. Mayor McGinness added his congratulations to Mr. Ronald Taylor, Recreational <br />Director, for a job well done. <br />Chairman Christensen asked the City Attorney to take steps to acquire the Inter -urban R/W <br />from 2441h to 761� for Park and Street Department purposes. <br />At the request of Wayne Jones, Consulting Engineer, the Council authorized the City Attorney <br />to proceed with condemnation action for easements on LID #119 where necessary. <br />Since the preliminary budget must be adopted on or before the second Monday in September, <br />it was moved by Councilman Christensen, seconded by Councilman Slye that the meeting be <br />recessed to September 914 for budget discussion and adoption. Motion carried, and the <br />meeting was recessed. <br />September 9, 1963 <br />Recessed meeting was called to order by Mayor McGinness with Councilmen Harrison, Smets, <br />Christensen, Slye and Sorensen present. <br />The Mayor briefly went over the budget, before opening it for discussion. He explained <br />that a 4W. wage increase had been taken into consideration in the budget throughout all <br />departments, with the exception of Department Heads. <br />Councilman Sorensen questioned some of the salaries. He stated he would like to see the <br />Police Chief's salary increased to $700.00 per month. Councilman Slye stated he would <br />like to see the Councilme.n8s pay put up to $20.00 per meeting. <br />Following a discussion of street lights for the city, it was decided to increase capital • <br />outlay on this item from $15,000 to $22,500; and service charge accordingly would be <br />