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1.46 <br />.Slye that.the Planning Commission be.Iinstructed to hold hearings pursuant to extending Aloha Street <br />and then report back to the Council. Motion carried. <br />For Council information only, Councilman Sorensen reported the City Engineer is working on a project <br />requiring right of way on 2nd Ave. between Dayton and James Streets. <br />Don Lawson reported that the proposed light at Westgate would cost approximately $500.00 and the u <br />controls approximately $400.00. Attorney Hall is checking with the Association of Washington Cities <br />on the legality of the City putting up their own light on a state highway. <br />Councilman Christensen reported the Park Board is meeting Oct. 2 to check on their participation in <br />implementing the Comprehensive Plan. Studies made by Mr. Taylor and others would be discussed. <br />Councilman Christensen then spoke on a matter discussed by the Council about a year and a half ago. <br />The Council -Manager form of government. After giving his arguments in favor of this type of govern- <br />ment, and explaining the necessity for quick action due to the time of a.special election he made the <br />following motion: Moved the adoption of Resolution No. 86 setting -forth a special election on the <br />proposed Council -Manager form of government. Motion seconded by Councilman Simpson. <br />Councilman Sorensen then moved, seconded by Councilman Slye, that this be tabled until such time as <br />a full Council is present. Following some discussion a roll call vote was called for: Harrison, <br />Slye and Sorensen voted in favor of tabling said motion and Smets, Christensen and Simpson against. <br />Tie vote; motion lost. <br />Councilman Christensen pointed out the law requiring this special election be held at least 90 days <br />before the next General Election, which is in March, 1964, and he felt time was of the essence. Council- <br />man Slye felt that they should wait for the return of Councilman Tuson, who would be present at Mondays <br />recessed meeting. Councilman Smets stated it was not what the Council thought, but the people should <br />be given the opportunity to choose the type of government they feel is best. <br />A roll call vote was then called for on Councilman Christensens' motion: Harrison, Smets, Christensen, <br />Simpson - Yes. Slye and Sorensen - No. Motion Carried. (copy of Resolution 86 is attached.) • <br />councilman Harrison reported the South County Joint Planning meeting to be held Oct. 2 in Mountlake <br />Terrace. <br />A meeting was announced of the Snohomish County Civil Defense at Mountlake Terrance on Oct. 17, 1963 <br />at which Wilbur Cross will be moderator. <br />Notice from Mrs. Ida May Hunter regarding Puget Sound Government Conference dinner meeting at the Barb, <br />6:30 P.M. Oct. 8, sponsored by Edalynn Professional Group. <br />Mayor McGinness reported the appointment of Calvin C. Thompson to the Planning Commission, the reappoint- <br />ment of Alfred 0. Holte and Barbara Engler to the Planning Commission; also the removeal of Roy Stringer <br />from Plannning and his appointment to the Board of Adjustment. <br />It was moved by Councilman Christensen, seconded by Councilman Smets that the appointments be approved, <br />as announced. Motion carried. <br />Engineer Wayne Jones presented Late Comer Agreement for Esperance School to run a line to connect to the <br />Senior High, LID (119) when completed. This agreement was referred to the City Attorney. Action to be <br />taken at recessed meeting on October 7. <br />The Mayor appointed a committee of Harrison, Smets and Simpson to look into the advisability of lett°ng <br />different groups use the Council Chambers for their meetings, and to bring a recommendation on their _.. <br />findings to the Council. <br />Meeting was recessed until Monday, October 7, 1963. <br />• <br />October 7,1963 <br />ROLL CALL <br />Meeting was called to order by Mayor McGinness *ith all councilman present. <br />1964 BUDGET <br />The Mayor stated that although this meeting was recessed, and other business would be taken up, it was a <br />special meeting set by law primarily for the passage of the final budget, which was presently bat of bal- <br />ance by $8,092.33; and the matter was turned over bo the Council. Councilman Smets asked if the eAtra <br />street lighting program were eliminated, would the budget be in balance. After some discussion on this, <br />Councilman Smets moved, seconded by Councilman Simpson that the capital outlay item under street lighting <br />and general government be reduced by $8,092.33, which would bring the budget into balance, and the <br />motion carried. <br />It was then moved by Councilman Slye, seconded by Councilman Tuson that Ordinance #1019 be passed, levy- <br />ing the taxes for the City of Edmonds in accordance with the budget as presented for the year 1964. , <br />Motion carried. <br />PROPOSED ELECTION ON COUNCIL-MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT <br />Councilman Sorensen asked Mayor McGinness if he had issued the Proclamation in connection -With the pro- <br />posed City Manager form of government. The Mayor replied that it had been signed and was on his desk, <br />and.that it set November 26, 1963 as the date for the election. <br />Attorneys Chester <br />Bennett <br />and Milton Slater <br />requested permission <br />to speak. <br />They <br />felt the time before <br />this <br />election was too <br />short to <br />allow the public <br />to be educated on this <br />matter. <br />This <br />was followed by Mr. H. <br />0. <br />• <br />