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Mutt in the audience making substantially the same statements. At this point, Councilman Sorensen <br />made a motion that the Council reconsider its action of the last council meeting (October 1) and <br />rest ind its previous motion for putting to a vote of the people the issue of whether or not to con- <br />sider the city manager form of government. This was seconded by Councilman Slye, and the motion <br />was open for discussion. It was asked if the Mayor was in a position to hold up the Proclamation. <br />He replied that it was still on his desk - that it had been signed due tb the requirement of its <br />being signed by him within 10 days of the passage of the Resolution. Following further comments <br />from several in the audience - Barbara Engler, Al Kincaid, Attorney Charles Shepherd, and Mrs. Angie <br />McGibbon speaking either against the City Manager form of government or requesting a delay in anti <br />action, Councilmen Christensen and Smets both spoke further on the advisability of considering a <br />change to the City Manager form of government. <br />Councilman Smets requested a five minute recess, which was granted. Upon reconvening, a roll call <br />vote on the motion to rescind former action resulted as follows: Councilman Harrison, Smets, <br />Christensen and Simpson voting NO; Councilen Tuson, Slye and Sorensen voting Yes. The motion there- <br />fore failed to carry, and the action taken at the last council meeting will stand whereby the city <br />manager form of government will be voted upon by the voters of the City of Edmonds on November 26!b. <br />In answer to a question from Lloyd Nelson in the audience, it was pointed out that /a simple majority <br />only is required at the election on November 26th; also if this election rebults in the majority <br />voting in favor of the City Manager form of government, the new form of gov ernment would take <br />effect on April 1, 1964. An election of seven new councilmen would be necessary. If the majority <br />votes against the City Manager form of government, it will still allow time for filings in December <br />for Mayor and five council positions. <br />APPOINT14ENT TO PLANNING COMMISSION <br />Mayor McGinness appointed James B. Haines, 16420 - 76th w. to the Planning Commission, and it was <br />moved by Councilman Christensen, seconded by Councilman Slye that this appointment be approved. <br />Motion carried. <br />CORRESPONDENCE <br />Two letters were read by the Mayor; one to Mr. Lawson from the principal of Edmonds Senior High <br />School thanking him for arranging the meeting of October 2nd of teachers and staff, giving them a <br />closer view of the workings of the City; the other from Walter G. Cook concerning the death of his <br />wife, and thanking the Police, epartmentsfor their quick help in getting a Doctor and an ambulance <br />to his home. <br />The City Clerk read a letter to the Council from Attorney John Ranquet, Seattle, concerning trouble <br />with sewer backing up at the home of Dallas Greer, 1046 walnut Street, Edmonds. The Mayor stated <br />this has been in the hands of Don Lawson, and Mr. Lawson reported a check showed no plug up in the <br />main line. He wished to go on record as advising the Council that this matter had been given imme- <br />diate and prompt attention, and they had found no obstacle in the main line sewer. It was believed <br />Mr. Greer had had trouble since remodeling his home and putting in a basement. It was also felt <br />there was a possibility some of the trouble was due to Edmonds Senior High School, and when the new <br />sewer in that area is completed and the sewage goes another direction, Mr. Greer's problem guy be <br />alleviated. Mr. Lawson was instructed to write Attorney Ranquet concerning his findings. <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS USED FOR OUTSIDE MEETINGS <br />Councilman Smets reported for the Committee on the use of Council Chambers for outside meetings; and <br />he moved that Edmonds City Council Chambers should not be used for any partisan political meetings. <br />This was seconded by Councilman Simpson; and the motion carried. <br />Councilman Harrison requested a moment to explain to those remaining in the audience his reasons for <br />changing his vote on the motion of October 1st concerning the City Manager form of government, be- <br />lieving that this should be put to a vote of the people, giving them an opportunity to decide. <br />Meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M. <br />ty <br />October 159 1963 <br />ROLL CALL <br />Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor McGinness with all councilmen present. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />All councilmen having received copies of the minutes of the previous meeting, it was moved by <br />Councilman Tuson, seconded by Councilman Simpson that the minutes be accepted. Councilman Slye <br />called attention to an omission; the letter from Mr. Walter Cooke concerning the illness and death <br />of his wife also thanked the Fire Department, as well as the Police Department for their assis- <br />tance. The minutes had failed to mention the Fire Department, and Councilman Slye felt they <br />should also have the recognition. The motion that the minutes of October 7111 be approved as <br />corrected was carried. <br />SALARY ORDINANCE <br />Proposed Ordinance ;�1020 establishing the salaries for the year 1964 according to the budget <br />was introduced, and Councilman Sorensen requested that the council defer action on the salary <br />ordinance until next meeting. <br />F_� <br />• , <br />1 <br />11 <br />1 <br />F� <br />