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Updated 05/29/20 at 2:03 PM <br /> <br />EDMONDS CITY COUNCIL EXTENDED AGENDA <br />Please note the Extended Agenda is a planning tool and subject to frequent change. <br /> <br /> <br />Reminders: <br />• Municipal Court Judge Report scheduled annually in March. <br />• Snohomish Co. Fire & Rescue Annual Report to be scheduled annually prior to <br />March 1. A joint Council/Board of Commissioners meeting will be held within 30 <br />days of the annual report. <br />• Hearing Examiner Report to City Council scheduled annually in the first quarter. <br />• Report to City Council scheduled annually in the first quarter from Prosecutor <br />(January), Public Defender (February), and City Attorney (February). <br />• Planning Board Update scheduled quarterly (4th Tuesday of March, June, <br />September, and December.* (*The December date may need to be flexible due to <br />holiday schedules). <br />• TBD Report (first quarter) <br /> <br />Interim Ordinances: <br /> <br />Future Unscheduled Items: <br />• Annual Report: Edmonds Municipal Court (30 min.) <br />• Joint Meeting: South County Fire District Board (45 min.) <br />• Street Vacation Code Update (30 min.) <br />• CW Zone Hotel Use Ordinance (20 min.) <br />• Interview PFD Board Appointee (15 min.) <br />• Report: Sound Transit (20 min.) <br />• Tree Board Report (30 min.) <br />• Planning Board Joint Meeting (40 min.) <br />• Police Officer Promotions/Administration of Oath of Office <br />• Interview Candidates for Appointment to Edmonds Sister City Commission and <br />Cemetery Board (15 min.) <br />• Waterfront Center/PUD Easement (PRCS) (5 min.) <br />• Snohomish County ILA Civic Park Grant (5 min.) <br />• Council Rules of Procedure & Code of Conduct (60 min.) <br />• Community Transit (30 min.) <br />• Annual Report: City Attorney (30 min.) <br />• Annual Report: Edmonds Arts Commission (30 min.) <br />• Portico Panel Funding (15 min.) <br />• Wastewater Treatment, Disposal and Transport Contract <br /> <br />A: Action C: Consent Agenda D: Discussion P: Presentation/Report PA: Potential Action <br />PH: Public Hearing PC: Public Comment PPW: Parks & Public Works Committee FIN: Finance Committee <br />PSPP: Public Safety, Personnel, and Planning Committee <br /> <br />JUNE 9, 2020 – 7:00 p.m. Council Special Meeting <br />Interim Ordinance for Flood Damage Prevention A 10 min. <br />COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE <br />Report on bids for the Citywide CIPP Sewer Rehab Phase II project PPW 10 min. <br />Presentation of a direct appropriation of funds for the Dayton Street Pump <br />Station Project from the Department of Commerce <br />PPW 10 min. <br />2021-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) PPW 10 min.