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Name Legislation Number Description Effective Date Page count
Resolution No Number-1925[Icon] 0 A Resolution declaring the intention of the City Council of the City of Edmonds to improve the sea gate heretofore constructed by said City on the waterfront immediately South of the City limits of Edmonds. 2/3/1925 2
Resolution No Number-1920[Icon] 0 Resolution designating the polling places of the Election Officials for a Special Bond Election to be held at the City of Edmonds, Washington, on the eighth day of June,1920. 6/8/1920 2
Resolution No Number-1908[Icon] 0 Resolution declaring the Town of Edmonds to be a City of the Third Class. 9/19/1908 1
Resolution 499[Icon] 499 Adopt proposed rules governing Land Use and Zoning proceedings before the Edmonds Hearing Examiner. 5/19/1981 13
Resolution 498[Icon] 498 Commend Fred F. Herzberg for his services to the City as City Engineer. 5/12/1981 1
Resolution 497[Icon] 497 Commend Kathy Geiermann for her service as a Student Member of the Edmonds City Council. 4/28/1981 1
Resolution 496[Icon] 496 Suspending the No Parking after 10:00 p.m. restriction on the west side of Sunset from Bell to Casper on July 4, 1981. Authorize the collection of a $1.00 per car parking fee on all streets west of Third from Casper to Pine. 4/28/1981 2
Resolution 495[Icon] 495 Adopt the Job Qualification, Selection process and advertising procedure for filling the position of Mayor's Administrative Assistant. 4/16/1981 5
Resolution 493[Icon] 493 Adopt a Procedure for the selection of Consultants providing Professional Services to the City. 4/7/1981 3
Resolution 492[Icon] 492 Commend Dorothy Drobner for her services to the City as Utility Billing Supervisor. 3/24/1981 1
Resolution 491[Icon] 491 Transfer the amount of $2,500 from the Council Contingency Fund No.119 to the General Fund No. 001 Department 710 for purchase of supplies for a space needs study. 3/24/1981 1
Resolution 490[Icon] 490 Vacation of a portion of 175th Street as unneeded Righ-of-way. 3/17/1981 4
Resolution 489[Icon] 489 Commend Sue Crawford for her service as a Student Member of the Edmonds City Council. 3/3/1981 1
Resolution 488[Icon] 488 Construction and reconstructing and repairing concrete Sidewalks, retaining walls and rockeries. 2/17/1981 4
Resolution 487[Icon] 487 Transfer the sum of $5,440.44 from the Council Contingency Fund No. 119 to the General Fund No.001, Department 400. Contributions of the City's share of the cost to the Snohomish County Health Planning Council. 2/17/1981 1
Resolution 486[Icon] 486 Authorize the Traffic Engineer to close certain Streets and portions of Streets for sledding purposes. 2/3/1981 2
Resolution 485[Icon] 485 Authorize an inter-fund loan from the Equipment Rental Fund No.511 to the Street Arterial Fund No. 112 in the amount of $70,000. 1/6/1981 2
Resolution 484[Icon] 484 Commendj Paul Christensen for his service as a Student Member of the Edmonds City Council. 12/30/1980 1
Resolution 483[Icon] 483 Transfer the sum of $2,500. from the Council Contingency Fund No 119 to the Street Fund No. 111 to install an overhead crosswalk sign on 76th Near College Place Elementary School. 12/30/1980 2
Resolution 482[Icon] 482 Petitioning the Snohomish County Council to establish a Municipal Department of the South District Justice Court. 12/16/1980 2
Resolution 481[Icon] 481 Transfer $2,400 from the Council Contingency Fund No. 119 to the General Fund No. 001 Department 710 for fees for copying the Codification of City Ordinances including the New CDC. 12/16/1980 2
Resolution 480[Icon] 480 Reaffirm the City Council's support for the Edmonds Business Community. 12/9/1980 2
Resolution 479[Icon] 479 Support of the Edmonds City Council for Snohomish Subregional Development Plan as a General Guide for Growth Management in the Snohomish County Area. 11/18/1980 2
Resolution 478[Icon] 478 Transfer funds from Council Contingency Fund No.119 to Municipal Arts Fund No.117 for funding a series of music presentations in Edmonds Elementary Schools. 11/4/1980 1
Resolution 477[Icon] 477 10/2/1980 3
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