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Ordinance 1989[Icon] 1989 Ordering the improvement of certain property in the city in installation of eight inch sanitary sewers and all necessary appurtenances... 4/18/1978 7
Ordinance 1988[Icon] 1988 Amending the 1978 budget by amending Ordinance No. 1964, by increasing the revenues and appropriations in the General Fund 001, and in the Federal Shared Home safety grant Fund No. 195, and in the Capital Improvement Fund No. 325... 4/18/1978 4
Ordinance 1987[Icon] 1987 Amending Section 12.14.020 (H) (3) (e) of the ECC and establishing regulations for the design of screening and landscaping devices; amending Section 12.14.040 of the ECC and establishing general requirements for fences and hedges; 3/28/1978 5
Ordinance 1986[Icon] 1986 Prohibiting the use of compression brakes in the city except in emergencies; providing penalties therefor and authorizing the Director of Public Works to post appropriate signs. 3/28/1978 3
Ordinance 1985[Icon] 1985 Amending Section 12.13.150 (3), 12.13.190 (a) and 12.13.230H of the ECC to allow joint residential and business use of properties located in the BN, BC and CW zones and providing regulations therefor; 3/22/1978 3
Ordinance 1984[Icon] 1984 Amending section 12.20.070 of the Edmonds City COde and establishing procedures for appealing decision of the City Amenities Design Board puruant to the Planning COmmission Resolution No. 582. 3/22/1978 3
Ordinance 1983[Icon] 1983 amending Section 12.14.065(3) (A) of the ECC and extending the period in which required improvements must be installed or bond submitted for a Planned Residential Development, pursuant to Planning Commission Resolution No. 581. 3/21/1978 2
Ordinance 1982[Icon] 1982 Stating that the cash pre-payment period for L.I.D. No. 198 of teh City has expired; giving the total of the assessment roll thereon and the amount received as cash pre-payment of assessments: and stating the amount and number of bonds to be issue in connection therewith... 3/21/1978 3
Ordinance 1981[Icon] 1981 Creating a new chapter in the ECC Chapter 1.02, "Posting and publication of ordinances and notices", providing for the posting of ordinances, repealing a designated official newspaper and providing for publication of other notices. 3/20/1978 4
Ordinance 1980[Icon] 1980 Amending Section 1.10.030 of the ECC and allowing the Amenities Design Board to make interim or final decisions at special meetings of the board. 3/7/1978 2
Ordinance 1979[Icon] 1979 Amending Section 1.04.010 of teh ECC setting forth the regular meeting time and dates of the City Council. 2/28/1978 1
Ordinance 1978[Icon] 1979 Amending Section 1.04.010 of the ECC setting fourth the regular meeting time and dates of City Council. 2/28/1978 4
Ordinance 1977[Icon] 1977 Establishing the Salary Ranges and Specified Salaries for the positions of Finance Director and the Director of Administrative Services... 2/7/1978 2
Ordinance 1976[Icon] 1976 Amending the Official Street Map adopted by Section 12.03.080 of the ECC by adding to said map Viewmoor Place West of 10th Avenue West and North of Mountain Lane, pursuant to Planning Commission Resolution No. 579. 2/7/1978 3
Ordinance 1975[Icon] 1975 Amending the Schedule attached to Section 2 of Ordinance No. 1964, by increasing the revenues and appropriations in the Gerneral Fund 001, as a result of an increase in the cash carry-over from 1977, by virtue of unexpended appropriations... 2/7/1978 3
Ordinance 1974[Icon] 1974 Amending the Schedule attached to Section 2 of Ordinance No. 1885, by increasing the revenues and appropriations in the street fund to cover unanticipated increases in equipment rental charges and declaring an emergency. 2/7/1978 2
Ordinance 1973[Icon] 1973 Amending Section 11.20.090 of the ECC to delete the provisions permitting sewage disposal systems to be designed other than by sewage disposal systems designers or sanitary or license ciil engineers 2/7/1978 2
Ordinance 1972[Icon] 1972 Amending the Official Street Map adopted by Section 12.03.080 of the ECC by reducing the right-of-way on James Street from Third Avenue south westerly to the alley from sixty feet to forty-five feet 1/24/1978 5
Ordinance 1971[Icon] 1971 Amending Section 1.32.021 of the ECC setting forth the duties of the Finance Director... 1/24/1978 3
Ordinance 1970[Icon] 1970 Adding a new Section 11.02.021 to the ECC providing for an appeal period from decisions of the Board of Appeals to Superior Court... 1/24/1978 2
Ordinance 1957[Icon] 1957 Specifying and adopting a plan of system for the acquisition and construction of certain additions and betterments to and extension and improvements of the combined water and sewerage systems comprising the waterworks utility of the City. 11/15/1977 50
Ordinance 1952[Icon] 1952 Creating a new chapter 7.18 in the Edmonds City Code; regulating trees in the public streets, parks, and other city-owned property; designating public works as the agency prescribing regulations relating to; authorizing a master street tree plan; issuing of permits; providing for pruning and removal on private property; penalties for violations; repealing chapter 7.16. 10/18/1977 12
Ordinance 1811[Icon] 1811 Amending Section 12.12.030 by amending the definition of the term allowable building volume and specifying what portions of a building or structure may be permitted to penetrate or extend beyond allowable building volume as defined. 1/6/1976 2
Ordinance 1714[Icon] 1714 Amendment to City Code by adoption of the 1973 edition of the uniform building code, excluding chapter 51 of the appendix. 5/31/1974 3
Ordinance 1703[Icon] 1703 Adopting regulations relating to platting and subdivisions of land within the city and providing penalties for violations thereof. 3/19/1974 74
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