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Ordinance 2429[Icon] 2429 Amending 17.40.040 Relating to Nonconforming signs to provide for methods of removal and exceptions thereto and Amending 17.40.60 5/11/1984 7
Ordinance 2417[Icon] 2417 Amending Sections 15.38.100(A), 15.35,110(A), and 15.38.150 of the ECDC to revise the City's Shoreline Master Program to delete teh reference to open bulkheads, to allow permanent breakwaters in the urban shoreline environment located in the CW zone, and to allow dredging for the purpose of creating 2/13/1984 4
Ordinance 2292[Icon] 2292 Amending Subsections B and C of Section 17.40.030 of the Community Development Code 3/30/1982 4
Ordinance 2284[Icon] 2284 Brackett's Landing Shoreline Sanctuary and Motorized Boat 4/12/1982 6
Ordinance 2192[Icon] 2192 Amending the Official Zoning of the City of Edmonds by changing the zoning classification of certain property from open space to RS-6 pursuant to planning commission resolution no. 664. 1/28/1981 4
Ordinance 2152[Icon] 2152 Amending section 5.52.065 of the Edmonds City Code prohibiting the operation of internal combustion, motor powered watercraft on Lake Ballinger, providing for special occasion permits, certain exemptions and penalties. 7/2/1980 4
Ordinance 2058[Icon] 2058 Relating to the incurring of indebtedness for the purpose of financing the acquisition, remodeling, maintenance and repair of the Edmonds Elementary School building and grounds. 3/20/1979 4
Ordinance 2049[Icon] 2049 Amending Section 12.15.100 of the ECC regulating the restoration of damaged buildings and structures 1/8/1979 3
Ordinance 2048[Icon] 2048 Amending the definition of "Tax Year or Taxable Year" contained in Section 4.01.020 of the ECC and amending Sections 4.01.070 4.01.080 and 4.01.090 of the ECC to establish a monthly payment period for holders of occupation licences... 1/2/1979 4
Ordinance 2047[Icon] 2047 Setting the Salaries for the City Employees and Officers effective 1/1/1979 12/19/1978 5
Ordinance 2046[Icon] 2046 Amending the 1978 Budget by amending Ordinance No. 1964, 1975, 1988, 2013, 2030 by increasing revenues and appropriations to and from the Capital Improvements Fund 325 and declaring an emergency. 12/20/1978 3
Ordinance 2045[Icon] 2045 Adding a new Subsection 7.01.110(g) to the ECC prohibiting driveway slopes from exceeding fourteen percent (14%) unless authorized by the City Engineer and setting forth procedures and standards therefor. 12/20/1978 3
Ordinance 2044[Icon] 2044 Amending Sections 1.42.010 and 1.42.020 of the ECC to reduce the membership in the SHorelines Management Citizens Advisory Committtee from nine to seven and increasing the term to four years. 12/13/1978 4
Ordinance 2043[Icon] 2043 Amending Sections 12.13.010, 12.13.130 (a) (g) of ECC to establish a new zoning classification designated as multiple-family downtown (RMD); setting forth the bulk and dimensional requirements therefor; modifying the maximum lot coverage and maximum building height allowed in the RML and RMH... 12/5/1978 7
Ordinance 2042[Icon] 2042 Adopting the final budget of the City for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 1979. 12/5/1978 5
Ordinance 2041[Icon] 2041 Adding a new Section 8.48.200 to the ECC authorizing the issuance of Notice of Parking Violation in a form approved by the Chief of Police... 11/15/1978 4
Ordinance 2040[Icon] 2040 Amending Section 1.10.010 of the ECC to change the name of teh City Amenities Design Board to Architectural Design Board, and amending Section 1.10.020 to establish a four-year term for the members of the Architectural Design Board (ADB). 11/8/1978 4
Ordinance 2039[Icon] 2039 Amending Section 12.16.050 of the ECC to reduce the membership of the BOard of Adjustment to seven members and amending Section 12.16.120 of the ECC to change the quorum requirements. 11/8/1978 4
Ordinance 2038[Icon] 2038 Veto of Ordinance 2038 due to an error in terms of office. 11/8/1978 6
Ordinance 2037[Icon] 2037 Amending Sections 1.40.010 and 1.40.020 of the ECC to reduce the members of the Park Board from nine to seven and to reduce the term of membership from six years to four years. 11/8/1978 4
Ordinance 2036[Icon] 2036 Amending Section 1.12.010 (2) of the ECC to establish a four year term for members of the Planning Commission. 11/13/1978 3
Ordinance 2035[Icon] 2035 Amending Sections 1.11.010 and 1.11.020 of the ECC to reduce the membership of the Edmonds Art Commission from eight member to seven members 11/8/1978 3
Ordinance 2034[Icon] 2034 Amending Section 1.08.010 of the ECC to reduce the number of voting members of the Planning Commission to seven and to establlish a four-year term and amending Section 1.08.0060 of the Edmonds City Code to set the quorum requiements as a majority of the voting members 11/8/1978 4
Ordinance 2033[Icon] 2033 Adding a new Chapter 1.05 to the ECC requiring a certain minimum attendance for members of City Boards, Commissions and Committees, and providing for automatic removal therefrom. 11/8/1978 4
Ordinance 2032[Icon] 2032 Amending Sections 12.04.030 and 12.04.090 of the ECC and adding new Section 12.04.091 to the ECC to adopt amendments to the Official Comprehensive Plan for the City relating to Waterfront Design Policies, in accordance with Planning Commission Reolution No. 600. 11/8/1978 5
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