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<br />City of Edmonds <br />TH <br />121 5 AVENUE NORTH • EDMONDS, WA 98020 • (425) 771-0220 FAX(425) 771-0221 <br /> Website: <br />PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />Engineering Division <br /> <br /> <br />Plan Review Corrections <br />Plan Check : Date: <br /># 2008-0651 February 12, 2009 <br />th <br />Project Name/Address: <br /> Zubair 22415 100 Ave W Remodel <br />Contact Person/Address/Fax: <br /> Aneil Zubair <br />Reviewer: JoAnne ZulaufDivision:Engineering <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />During review of the subject submittal, it was found that the following information, corrections, or <br />clarifications would need to be addressed. All Handouts referred to in these comments can be accessed at <br />our website: under City Government / Development Services Department / <br />Engineering Division then scroll down to Handouts: <br />Original Site plan showed driveway etc as existing therefore at the time I had no comments. Please see the <br />following in response to your most recent site plan submittal: <br /> <br />1.The impervious surface calculations need to be added to the site plan and separated as follows; “Pre-1977 <br />Existing”, “Post-1977 Existing” and “Proposed”. Please note year constructed next to the “Existing” <br />amounts. Please include all new paver areas. <br /> If the total post-1977 impervious surface is 2000 square feet or more, <br />a.per Edmonds <br />Community Development Code Section 18.30.060, any new development or redevelopment with <br />more than 2,000 square feet of new impervious surfacing shall be required to provide storm water <br />quality control. Please provide a drainage plan with a detention system. See City of Edmonds <br />Handout #E72 available on our website for guidance with requirements and sizing. <br /> If the total post-1977 impervious surface is under 2000 square feet <br />b., please note on site plan if <br />intending to tie addition into existing system or use some other means to handle the drainage for <br />the proposed addition. <br /> <br />2.Please add note on site plan stating that Erosion control will be in place as needed per City of Edmonds <br />Standard Details. <br /> <br />3.Per City of Edmonds Community Development Code, driveways are not permitted over 14% slope. A <br />written request to the City Engineer can be submitted for a slope waiver up to 20%. Please submit a <br />letter to the City Engineer requesting a slope waiver. Include in detail why maximum slope can not be <br />met. <br /> <br />DATE FAXED/E-MAILED 7/3/2017 PAGE __1__ OF __1_ <br /> <br /> <br />