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The following petition wao--porscnted to the City Co.znci.l. <br />:?LTETIOY. <br />Ec nonds , Wash. <br />Sept. 16, 1941. <br />Ve the undersigned respectfully a.s:i the City recognize our <br />petition for a 6 inch, sewer fronting on our property between 6th &. 7th on <br />Dailey Street in the,City of'Edmonds, on the north side of Block 101. The <br />work to be performed,by ;a.P.A., and we to pay cash for the materials and <br />:engineering. <br />Chas.F,.Cosman----------- Loots 12 and 13 Block 101 <br />Chas. Lrrtowood--------- Lots 1:-2-3-4 Block 101 <br />J.17-Brooks--- ,---------- Lots 5-6-7-8-9-10-11 Block 101 <br />H.G.Vahlbusch---------- Lots 14-15a16-17=i8-i9-2- Block 101. <br />The question of the; City paying for the lighting of the sign ,F,EDMONDS" <br />at the-Jintersection of the Vashington State Highway and the Government <br />Highway the the Sno-Zing Garage, the light being metered in the City of <br />Edmonds: Om motion the question was refured to the City Attorney for his <br />of approval or disapproval. <br />There being no furter business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />1 y C Mayor. <br />OCTOBER 6th, 1941 <br />The Council met in session in acordance with the Statutes of the State <br />of Washington for the adoption of the ,Bud.git far the year 1942.The Mayor and <br />the following Councilmen being present: H.A.Chandler, R.T,Roscoe, W.'O.Hanson, <br />15'.Hansen, W.Clausen and W.T.Jones. <br />After due consideration of.the several items in the Preliminary Budget <br />and hearing from those present, the.Counoil fixed the amounts in the 1942 <br />Budget and on motion adopted an Ordinance fixing the several amount. <br />p�DIIIANGE NO.536. <br />AN UDINANCE adopting and levying.the general taxes for the City of <br />Edmonds, Washington, for the fiscal year commencing January let,1942, on all <br />Property, bo,th real.and personal, in said City subject to taxation for the <br />purpose of raising sufficient revenue to, carryon the several departments of <br />said City for the ensuing year as required by law: appropriating the same to <br />the several funds for said fiscal year, and providing for the collection <br />thereof. <br />WHEREAS the City Council of the.City of Edmonds, State of V+ashington,having <br />heard all persons asking to be heard for and against the preliminary budget, <br />heretofore adopted for the ehsing year, due notice having been given as req- <br />uired by law and now this 6th day ad October, 1941,final budget having been <br />termined the amount necessary to be paid on <br />adopted and the Council having de <br />the current assessment roll as general taxes for the ensuing year and appro- <br />priating the same as in this Ordinance described therefore; <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY 01 'LDMONDS DOE BRDAIN 'AS FOLLOWS: <br />S'EQTION-I. That.there be and there is hereby levied on all real and personal <br />property of the City of Edmonds, subject to taxation therein, a general tax <br />for municipal purposes for the ensuing year commencing January 1st, 1942, <br />the sum of $9313.59. <br />CURRENT !EXPENSE <br />MAYOR'S salary ---------------------- $240.00• <br />COUniCILIvEN'.S salary----------------- <br />420.00• <br />CITY CLERV S salary----------------- <br />600.00 <br />ASSISTANT CITY CLEZ salary--------- <br />240.00 <br />Printing, postage and supplies------ <br />80.00 <br />Phone calls------------------------- <br />12.00 <br />Bond-------------------------------- <br />5.00- <br />Elections ---------------------------- <br />150.00 <br />4a1747.00 <br />CITY TREASURE'S salary-------------- <br />480.00 <br />Treasurers expenses----------------- <br />30.00 <br />Bond-------------------------------- <br />30.00 <br />540.00 <br />CITY ATTORNEYS) salary-------------- <br />360.00 <br />Attorney's expenses----------------- <br />100.00 <br />Bond-------------------------------- <br />5.00 <br />4?515.00 <br />Membership in Asso. of Wash. Cities- <br />50.00 <br />J1EALTH OPPICER'S salary------------- <br />75.00 <br />Expenses---------------------------- <br />50.00 <br />Case of Garbage Dump---------------- <br />120.00 <br />Sevier Inspections------------------- <br />- ----- <br />30.00 <br />200.00 <br />475.00 <br />` <br />STAT:� TIiSPL+'C`iTO.i!--------------- <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />