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Ordinance 3374[Icon] 3374 Amend the official zoning map of the City of Edmonds to change the zoning designation of certain real property located immediately east of 9715 Edmonds Way, File No. R-2001-94 from RM-1.5 to BN 11/20/2001 6
Ordinance 3373[Icon] 3373 Amend the provisions of Edmonds City Code Chapter 2.35 relating to vacation and sick leave to add a new Section 2.35.025, Military Leave, amend the provisions of Section 2.35.045, Shared Leave, Subsections H and B, for use by persons involuntarily called to military service 11/5/2001 10
Ordinance 3372[Icon] 3372 Relating to contract indebtedness; providing for the issuance of $3,045,000 par value of Limited Tax General Obligation Bonds, 2001, of the City for general City purposes to provide funds with which to pay costs of making improvements to the Frances Anderson Recreational Center, replace library roof 8/21/2001 23
Ordinance 3371[Icon] 3371 Grant a non-exclusive franchise to Black Rock Cable, Inc. to operate and maintain an open video system in the City of Edmonds, setting forth terms and conditions accompanying the grant of franchise 7/31/2001 35
Ordinance 3370[Icon] 3370 Repeal the provisions of Ordinance No. 2107 and the Cumulative Reserve Fund for General Fund Expenditures No. 002 created thereby, transferring the balance of such fund to the General Fund 7/24/2001 6
Ordinance 3369[Icon] 3369 Amend Ordinance No. 3336 as a result of unanticipated transfers and expenditures of various funds 7/24/2001 8
Ordinance 3368[Icon] 3368 Amend the official zoning map of the City of Edmonds to change the zoning designtion of certain real property located at 551 Elm Way, commonly known as the Fourno Rezone, File No. R-2001-31, from RM-2 to RM-1.5; authorizing execution of a Concomitant Zoning Agreement 6/26/2001 8
Ordinance 3367[Icon] 3367 Amend the provisions of the Edmonds Community Development Code, Chapter 18.70 relating to street right-of-way use and encroachment permits in order to provide for the issuance of such permits for architectural features within the Central Business District or other district which permit zero lot line 6/19/2001 9
Ordinance 3366[Icon] 3366 Amend Section 6.40.130 of the Edmonds City Code to clarify a prohibition against placing commercial handbills on vehicles 6/19/2001 4
Ordinance 3365[Icon] 3365 Amend Chapter 8.48, Parking, of the Edmonds City Code pertaining to parking by amending Section 8.48.170, Parking Signs or Other Notice Required, to include a notice that violators will be towed and by adding Section 8.48.168, Parking of Unlicensed Vehicle, declaring it illegal to park an unlicensed 6/19/2001 40
Ordinance 3364[Icon] 3364 Amend the Edmonds Community Development Code, Section 21.90.120 defining street 5/22/2001 4
Ordinance 3363[Icon] 3363 Amend the Edmonds Community Development Code, Section 17.50.020 establishing parking space requirements subsection (A) relating to residential parking requirements 5/22/2001 5
Ordinance 3362[Icon] 3362 Repeal Ordinance No. 3355 and the moratorium imposed therein 5/22/2001 5
Ordinance 3361[Icon] 3361 Granting a charter to the Edmonds Public Facilities District 5/14/2001 15
Ordinance 3360[Icon] 3360 Amend the provisions of ECC 10.80.060 regarding the recommendation of the City's Citizen Commission on Salaries of Elected Officials 5/14/2001 4
Ordinance 3359[Icon] 3359 Amend the provisions of ECC 4.64.070 relating to garbage licensing and rates 5/14/2001 4
Ordinance 3358[Icon] 3358 Create a Public Facilities District pursuant to Chapter 165, Laws of 1999, State of Washington, including the authority to acquire, construct, own, finance, and operate a regional center 4/24/2001 16
Ordinance 3357[Icon] 3357 Amend the provisions of Edmonds Community Development Code Section 15.05.000 relating to the City's Comprehensive Plan to adopt the Edmonds School District Capital Facilities Plan 2000-2005 as part of the Capital Facilities Element of the City's Comprehensive Plan 4/17/2001 91
Ordinance 3356[Icon] 3356 Amend the provisons of Edmonds Community Development Code Section 15.05.000 relating to the City of Edmonds Comprehensive Plan to adopt a new 6-year Capital Improvement Plan for 2001 through 2006 4/17/2001 22
Ordinance 3355[Icon] 3355 Adopted pursuant to the provisions of RCW 35A.63.220 and adopting an interim zoning regulation and moratorium to impose a moratorium on processing Building Permit Applications to establish or expand community churches on collector streets within the city 4/3/2001 6
Ordinance 3354[Icon] 3354 Ordinance originally approved by the City Council on March 27, 2001. On April 3, 2001, a motion to reconsider ws passed. The City Council debated the ordinance and it falled to pass on a 4-3 vote 3/27/2001 5
Ordinance 3353[Icon] 3353 Amend the provisions of the Edmonds Community Development code relating to Community Facilities and Public Uses: Section 16.20.010, Uses in the Single-Family Residential Zone; Section 16.30.010, Uses in the RM Zone; Section 16.45.010, Uses in the Neighborhood Business Zone; Section 16.50.010, Uses 3/20/2001 30
Ordinance 3352[Icon] 3352 Extend the deadline for acceptance of the telecommunications franchise granted to Adelphia Business Solultioins Operations, Inc. under Ordinance No. 3333 3/20/2001 4
Ordinance 3351[Icon] 3351 Amend provisions of Ordinance No. 3340 Annual Salary Ordinance for budget year 2001 to permit additional flexibility to the Mayor regarding the granting of wage increases to the position of Police Chief 3/20/2001 4
Ordinance 3350[Icon] 3350 Adopt a new Chapter 6.65 Edmonds Fire Department: Provision of Emergency Service and other fire protection services 3/6/2001 5
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