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Ordinance 2997[Icon] 2997 Annexing approximately 101 acres located in South Snohomish County immediately adjacent to the City of Edmonds and commonly know as the Aurora Marketplace Annexation, providing for the future zoning of the area pursuant to Land Use Regulations of the City of Edmonds 12/16/1994 16
Ordinance 2969[Icon] 2969 Establish an increased salary for the office of the Mayor 1/18/1994 4
Ordinance 2968[Icon] 2968 Add a new Chapter 3.60 providing for regulatioin of cable television rates in order to provide for the regulation of basic service tier rates and related equipment, installation and service charges of any cable television franchised by the City 1/18/1994 10
Ordinance 2967[Icon] 2967 Repeal and reenact Section 2.05.030 relating to the compensation of the City Attorney in order to delete percentage fees for Local Improvement Districts 1/18/1994 3
Ordinance 2966[Icon] 2966 Adopt a portion of the City's annual salary ordinance for 1994 to provide for pay increases for directors and managers and for certain employees within the C-2 to F-1 ranges 1/18/1994 4
Ordinance 2965[Icon] 2965 Amend Ordinance Nos. 2909, 2931 and 2963, to amend the final budget as previously amended for the City for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 1993 1/11/1994 5
Ordinance 2964[Icon] 2964 Adopt the final budget of the City for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 1994, providing for monthly revenue reports 12/14/1993 6
Ordinance 2963[Icon] 2963 Amend Ordinance Nos. 2909 and 2931, to amend the final budget as previously amended for the City for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 1993l 12/14/1993 9
Ordinance 2962[Icon] 2962 Levy the general taxes for the City of Edmonds for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 1994, on all property, both real and personal, in said City which is subject to taxation for the purpose of paying sufficient revenue to carry on the several departments of said city for the ensuing year 12/14/1993 5
Ordinance 2961[Icon] 2961 Amend Section 1 of Ordinance No. 2884 to clarify a list of meetings which qualify for compensation payments to members of the City Council 12/14/1993 5
Ordinance 2960[Icon] 2960 Reaffirm the prior, continuing annual salary ordinance which established the salary range for represented and nonrepresented personnel, providing for a limited amendment therefore to provide a lump sum paymnet for 1993 with respect to nonrepresented employees 11/16/1993 5
Ordinance 2959[Icon] 2959 Amend the provisions of ECDC Chapter 20.10, Architectural Design Review, to add a new Section 20.10.075, Application of Criteria - Examples 11/1/1993 6
Ordinance 2958[Icon] 2958 Amend the provisions of ECDC 16.50.000(C), Purposes, ECDC 16.50.010 (B) (3), Uses, adding new Sections EDCC 21.60.060 defining Multiple Dwelling Unit and adding ECDC 21.35.017, Definition of Ground Floor, to clarify where multiple dwelling units may be located in commercial structures in the BC Zone 10/19/1993 5
Ordinance 2957[Icon] 2957 Vacating a portion of the right-of-way of 75th Place West lying adjacent to 15706 and 15714 75th Place West described herein 10/19/1993 4
Ordinance 2956[Icon] 2956 Amend the provision of Section 7.20.050, Adoption of State Regulations, regarding cross-connection control device 10/19/1993 4
Ordinance 2955[Icon] 2955 Amend the provisions of Chapter 20.10 relating to the Architectural Design Board to add a new Section 20.10.090, Lapse of Approval, establishing an expiration date for ADB approval 10/5/1993 6
Ordinance 2954[Icon] 2954 Amend Edmonds Community Development Code Chapter 17.30, Fences and Hedges 9/28/1993 5
Ordinance 2953[Icon] 2953 Amend the provisions of Section 2.25.050 of the Edmonds City Code related to expense reimbursement policies Section H Subparagraph 1 relating to the meals expense policy 9/28/1993 5
Ordinance 2952[Icon] 2952 Amend the provisions of the Edmonds Community Development Code Section 15.00.020(A) (17) relating to the fee for the preparation of the Environmental Checklist 9/28/1993 5
Ordinance 2951[Icon] 2951 Amend the provisions of Chapter 20.20, Home Occupations 9/7/1993 11
Ordinance 2950[Icon] 2950 Repeal Section 18.40.030 requiring Conditional Use Permits for grading, amend the provisions of Section 20.15A.170 relating to the provision of public notice for SEPA Determinations 9/7/1993 5
Ordinance 2949[Icon] 2949 Amend the provisions of ECC Section 7.80.030 (H) to clarify the availability of a two-tiered rate structure for the collection of garbage and recyclables and for yard waste 8/3/1993 5
Ordinance 2948[Icon] 2948 Amend Title 5 of the Edmonds City Code 7/27/1993 4
Ordinance 2947[Icon] 2947 Amend Section 8.05.030 and Section 8.05.040 7/27/1993 5
Ordinance 2946[Icon] 2946 Amend the penalty provisions for litter control violations to civil infractions in compliance with certain provisions of RCW 70.93.060 to become more consistent with recent changes in the State law 7/27/1993 4
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